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Easy to use Bible Study resources!

Study Resources



Dig deeper into God's Word by using this word by word/line by line study method. 



I have learned that it really helps to stop and think about WHO God is in all types of situations. Prayer, study time, struggles, and joy-filled moments. This list is a great tool to use while you study God's word. You can also buy our attributes cards here from the shop. 


Go-To Scripture

Many times Scripture can be a big comfort to us. It is important to remember that Scriptures need not be taken out of context. Use the following worksheet to dig deeper into your favorite go-to verses. 

Bible Studies

Bible Studies
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Dig into this line by line study of Ephesians. The entire text is printed in the download. Each week has a bonus activity to help with going deeper into God's Word. Use this 6 week study in groups or an individual. Focus is over unity in the Church and attributes of God.   Teaching videos coming soon.


Weekly Word

This is a great little tool to accompany your weekly planning. Grab your planner or your phone, plan your week, and start with a lesson from God's Word first. 



This quick one week study hits the high points over the book of Joshua and leaves you wanting more. 


Easter Devotions

Download this two week devotion to do with your kids at home before Easter! This download will explain a different attribute of Jesus and Bible verse each day. It also includes fun activities to do as a family. 


Advent 2019

An advent reading plan along with the STUDEE method to use from the start of advent into the new year. 

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Advent 2020

An advent reading plan and handout geared to lead your heart to worship. 

Click HERE for week 1 daily coloring pages to go through Advent with your children.

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